Help using the site


Access to each major section is available at the top of the page via the site navigation: Home, Resources, and Access by Design Online. Navigation within Access by Design Online is facilitated by book navigation: Contents, First, Previous, and Next. Contents provides access to the complete book contents, First provides access to the contents page of the current section (e.g., Forms, Audio and Video), and Previous and Next provide access to the pages before and after the current page. Depending on your browser, you may be able to navigate Access by Design Online using browser controls. The section is coded using the LINK element to provide equivalent functionality as the book navigation described above. Unfortunately, browser support for LINK is lacking, which is why the interface also contains book navigation.

Text size

The main text is coded to display at the size specified in user preferences, and all other text elements are sized relative to the default setting. To change the text size, use the browser’s text zoom feature, normally located under the View menu.


Invoking the browser’s print function will produce a page that prints without elements that are irrelevant in print, such as navigation.


The search functionality for Universal Usability is provided via Google Free WebSearch and SiteSearch.