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About the contributors

About the author

Sarah Horton is a Web developer with Academic Computing at Dartmouth College, where she helps faculty incorporate technology into their teaching. Together with Patrick Lynch she authored the best-selling Web Style Guide, currently in its second edition. The online version of Web Style Guide has been available since 1994 and is often cited as the source for learning good Web design. The New York Times called Web Style Guide "an Elements of Style for Webmasters" (Jude Biersdorfer). Her second book, Web Teaching Guide, was the 2000 winner of the American Association of Publishers Award for the Best Book in Computer Science. Sarah has written articles about Web accessibility and usability in various publications, including The New York Times, Boxes and Arrows, Digital Web Magazine, Syllabus, and IEEE Computer. Sarah regularly speaks on the topic of creating usable and accessible Web sites.

About the development editor

Karen Gocsik is associate director of the Writing Program at Dartmouth College, where she also teaches composition. Karen works actively as a textbook editor, script doctor, screenwriter, and producer. Two of her films—Because of Mama and From the 104th Floor—premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before going on to screen and win acclaim at festivals around the world. She lives in Vermont with her daughters.

About the technical editor

Glenn Fleishman is a freelance technology reporter who contributes regularly to The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Mobile Pipeline, and Macworld magazine. He is a contributing editor at Tidbits, and writes the editorial Weblogs Wi-Fi Networking News and on digital radio. Glenn founded one of the first Web development firms in 1994, worked for for six years before it went public, and has been designing and updating usable and accessible sites his entire Web career. He lives in Seattle with his wife and son.

About Ben Shneiderman

Ben Shneiderman is a professor in the Department of Computer Science, founding director (1983-2000) of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, and member of the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and the Institute for Systems Research, all at the University of Maryland at College Park. He was elected as a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 1997 and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2001. He received the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001.

Ben is the author of Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (4th ed., 2004, with C. Plaisant). With S. Card and J. Mackinlay, he coauthored Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think (1999). With B. Bederson he coauthored The Craft of Information Visualization (2003). His book Leonardo’s Laptop (MIT Press, 2002) won the IEEE book award for Distinguished Literary Contribution.