Editorial Style
Keep content current and links functional

Nothing shakes the confidence of a Web user more than broken links and outdated content. Many Web pages announce events that occurred months prior, or reference out-of-date software, or publicize old news. Users encountering such pages quickly discern that the Web site has been neglected and is therefore unreliable.

Many Web designers do not appreciate that creating a Web site is a long-term commitment. Web sites need constant care and feeding if they are to thrive and be of value to users. Some sites are more static than others—for example, a reference or training site—whereas dynamic sites—like entertainment and news sites, and blogs—require fairly constant attention and upkeep. Even static sites need to be monitored for broken links.

Regular upkeep must be part of the design process to keep sites from falling into neglect. Keep content fresh and current, and monitor links to other sites.